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V1.9G NAND (RMNET) (Jan. 26)

  • Kernel is changed to tytung r2 oldcam.
  • Upgraded to the latest Google Nexus One's OTA update - FRG83G (released on Jan. 21, 2011)
  • Added 720p Playback. ( for Froyo is included.)
  • Jan. 11: App2SD+
  • Jan. 16: Data on SD
  • Jan. 19: New tytung_r2_oldcam kernel with audio boost
  • Jan. 19: HD 720p Video Playback for Froyo

V1.9b NAND (RMNET) (Jan. 8)

  • Kernel is changed to tytung r1 oldcam (supports CIFS UTF-8, unique Wi-Fi MAC address, Ext3, Ext4) based on hastarin r8.6 oldcam.
  • NAND's partition layout is changed. (Cache is merged into data partition and recovery is supported)
  • ClockworkMod Recovery for HD2 is integrated. (Credit to RaiderX303)
  • HSDPA and battery % icons are added by default.

V1.9a NAND (RMNET) (Jan. 1)

V1.8 (PPP + RMNET)

  • Use hastarin r8.5.3_oldcam kernel in default
  • Letama's v0.7 included
  • The PPP options and kernel memory tweaks included
  • Small tweaks for rootfs
  • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync fixed since FRG83D

V1.7 (PPP + RMNET)
  • Upgrade to the latest Google Nexus One's OTA update - FRG83D (released on Nov. 18, 2010)
  • Use hastarin r8.2 kernel with G-Sensor fix by (mdebeljuh and jdivic) in default
  • Letama's v0.4 updated
  • Auto Backlight issue fixed for RMNET kernels
  • Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync fixed since FRG83D

V1.6 (PPP + RMNET)

  • Use hastarin r8.1 kernel in default.
  • Specify the WiFi MAC address in startup.txt
  • Auto Backlight issue fixed. ( updated)
  • PPP disconnection issue fixed. ( v0.3 updated)
  • Background noise / mic gain fixed. (htcleo.acdb added)

V1.5 (PPP + RMNET)
  • Bluetooth works with N1 based kernel and EVO based kernel now.
  • LED status notification (e.g.: missing calls) is working properly now.

V1.4 (PPP + RMNET)
  • Support both PPP and RMNET data connections, default is PPP (Execute different sh files located in the GScript folder to switch between them quickly and conveniently.)
  • Use hastarin's r7.6 kernel in default (N1 based Bluetooth can't work with Evo based kernel so far. If you need Bluetooth, please switch back to michyprima's R11 kernel)
  • Compass is working now due to the new kernel
  • Touchscreen freeze has greatly reduced due to the new kernel
  • Replace prior media folder with Nexus One's build-in media (There is default ringtone at first boot now.)
  • Small tweaks

V1.3 (RMNET)
  • Add DSPManager app and the related lib
  • Add some tweaks for Bluetooth headsets and replace some Bluetooth related libs
  • Bluetooth headset is fully supported in calls, music streaming/A2DP, and files transfer now. (But some BT headsets may not be compatible with this build.)

V1.2 (RMNET)
  • Data upload problem in 3G/HSDPA network has been fixed
  • Some tweaks from mattc's NexusLeo v1.1 build has been included

V1.1 (RMNET)
  • No green line in HQ YouTube now
  • Restore to the stock libOmx libraries (I replaced some of them in order to fix the broken camcorder when converting into HD2 format from the stock Nexus One ROM. But it causes the green line in YouTube. So restored.)
  • Fancy Widget 1.3.0.apk (Time & Weather) included

V1.0 (RMNET)
  • Initial release