NexusHD2-FRG83 V1.3

This is the latest clean *stock* Android build for HTC HD2.
This build includes Google Nexus One's OTA update (FRG83 - Android/Froyo 2.2.1). (release on Sep. 24, 2010)
Quadrent score is 1866. 
Backup website:

The kernel is michyprima's r11 AXI version, and source code and introduction can be found in michyprima's post as follows:

Release Notes:

  • "Stock" build except blocking ads (hosts file is replaced) and adding "H" (HSDPA) icon and battery % icon
  • Use michyprima's R11 Kernel with AXI scaling (support for "extended batteries")
  • Create 512 MB data.img (You can specify the different data image size in startup.txt)
  • Rooted: superuser privileges (su and busybox) included
  • Some apps included (Delete any apk files in the AndroidApps folder before first boot if you don't like any of them.)

What is working:
  • WiFi
  • GPS (works great. I got a location within 15 seconds.)
  • 3G/HSDPA
  • 5MP Camera with flash
  • Camcorder with flash
  • Bluetooth (BT headset is fully supported in calls, music streaming/A2DP, and files transfer.)
  • LED status notification
  • Keypad LED control
  • WiFi Tethering/Hotspot
  • USB Mass Storage (Only copying files from SD card to PC is working correctly.)
  • Compass is inaccurate, this is known.

Tips: (Oct. 12th updated)
  • Disable "auto-rotate screen" in "Display settings" if encountering the touchscreen freeze.
  • Install SetCPU to overclock. The default is set to 245MHz ~ 998MHz.
    • Battery power consumption is about 1.5~2% per hour with the following SetCPU settings:
    • Main Tab: 1152max/245min, "conservative" Scaling, and check "Set on Boot"
    • Profiles Tab: check "Enable", and add "Screen Off" with 245max/245min powersave (Priority 50)
  • Turn off live wallpaper for better performance and battery life.
  • Install LauncherPro for a smoother home screen.
  • I have included the following apps in the AndroidApps folder, they will be installed at first boot:
    • Battery Indicator 3.0.1.apk
    • DSPManager 1.0.apk
    • ES File Explorer 1.4.6.apk
    • Fancy Widget 1.3.0.apk (Time & Weather)
    • Superuser
    • TasKiller 3.3.3 Free.apk
    • TeslaLED Flashlight 2.0.3 Droi.apk
  • About 3G/HSDPA:
    • The stock Nexus One ROM only shows 3G icon in the status bar no matter if you are in HSDPA or not.
    • You can check under "Settings > About phone > Status > Mobile network type". If it says HSDPA, you are on the 3.5G network ("H" Network).
    • With v1.3, I have included in the "Android/root" folder.
  • Please install MoreLocale 2 from Android Market to enable more languages if needed.
  • Please visit Nexus One Help website and try to find the answer when you encounter any software issues on NexusHD2-FRG83. Thanks.

Installation Instructions:
  1. Extract the Android folder (with all files in in) to root of your SD Card. THIS IS IMPORTANT.
  2. If you already have an Android folder on your SD Card DELETE IT OR RENAME IT, because this version MAY BE INCOMPATIBILE with older releases !!!
  3. After copyng everything to your SD Card ensure you have at least 600 Mb free space for data store
  4. After you have done all steps go into Android folder and tap CLRCAD (for working sound), and after that just tap HaRET.
  5. On first run when there is "Creating a new datastore" just give it time to complete, and on first boot be patient and give it time to load everything.
  6. If you get some strange errors, or Android does not work, try to reformat SD card and try everything from the start.
>>>> All apps will now function and install correctly. If you have an issue installing an app from the Android Market or another source, then go through the following steps:
>>>> - Go to Settings > SD & phone storage > Unmount SD card
>>>> - Now install your app, it will now install correctly and function fine
>>>> - Go to Settings > SD & phone storage > Mount SD card

My HD2 WinMo Info (on this version rom was tested)
ROM: Stock 1.48.709.2 CHT


NexusHD2-FRG83_V1.3_(Froyo 2.2.1).7z (82.51 MB) (RMNET)

Special thanks:

- Cotulla - for making all this possible
- dan1j3l - for rootfs and liblights
- bangsters - for setting the size of data.img in startup.txt
- darkstone
- ElbartoME - for the Bluetooth fix
- gauner1986 - for the latest (9/26)
- Geo411m - for the FRF91/FRG83 Stock, rooted, busybox ROM and add-ons (9/24)
- huanyu - for undervolt and overclock
- mattc - for tweaks in rootfs
- michyprima - for the great kernel
- NetRipper - for the latest haret.exe (9/14)
- shu8i
- Bluetooth headsets testers
- Everyone on #htc-linux & #htc-linuc-chat, devs at xda-forums

If I missed anyone please let me know. Thanks to everyone who made this possible.

If you appreciate my work and want to buy me a drink, please consider making a donation.

Thank you.
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