NexusHD2-Froyo V1.9b NAND

This ROM is based on stock Nexus One, including FRG83D OTA (Froyo / Android 2.2.1).
Kernel: tytung r1 oldcam (supports CIFS UTF-8, unique Wi-Fi MAC address, Ext3, Ext4) based on hastarin r8.6 oldcam.
Credits: Cotulla, TYTung, Hastarin, Markinus, Letama, Rajko, Gauner1986, RaiderX303, Geo411m, etc.

1. Installation
You should have at least MAGLDR 1.11 on device.
For installation you need to enter MAGLDR (hold "Power" button during boot)
and select "Flasher" via "VolUp" and "VolDown". Confirm key is green "Call" button.

2. Uninstallation
You should flash stock official Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM.

3. Information
This is 99.9% stock Nexus One except 
blocking ads (hosts is replaced), 
adding utility and root permission (busybox, su and Superuser.apk), 
and adding HSDPA and battery % icons by default.

ClockworkMod Recovery for HD2 is integrated.
It's time to learn the Nandroid backup and restore in order to switch between different NAND builds quickly.


NexusHD2-Froyo_V1.9b_NAND.7z (69.53 MB) (RMNET)
MD5: DACDBEEE8464F13B8222B9DE4A49198D
SHA1: 637F3E20C508E0499DE3E89CF18B51C8A138DB1D

Please consider making a donation to Cotulla for his great MAGLDR.
And if you appreciate my work and want to buy me a drink, please consider making a donation too.

Thank you.

This section is reserved for everyone.
If you can provide any new features via a flashable file for ClockworkMod Recovery, I will place your name here.
The description is a must when you provide a file.

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