NexusHD2-Gingerbread V2.2 NAND

Smile [23.FEB][DFT/CWM] NexusHD2-Gingerbread V2.2 [Android2.3.2][Kernel: tytung_r6_oldcam]

This's a clean ROM compiled from AOSP Gingerbread for Nexus One (GRH78C / Android 2.3.2) by tytung and released on Feb. 14, 2011.

  • Use the android-2.3.2_r1 source code. (Having a tag name means it is well-tested and stable.)
  • Not include any 2.3.2_r1+ daily developing code.
Kernel: tytung_r3_oldcam (supports CIFS, UTF-8, WiFi MAC address, Yaffs, Ext2/3/4) based on hastarin r8.6 oldcam.
Credits: Cotulla, TYTung, Hastarin, Markinus, Letama, Rajko, Gauner1986, Diem, Dan1j3l, RaiderX303, Pongster, etc.

This is compiled from AOSP Gingerbread for Passion (i.e. Nexus One) 
and do some modifications as follows.
  • block ads (replaced hosts),
  • add utility and root permission (added busybox, su and Superuser.apk)
  • add 720p video playback (replaced
  • fix camera and camcorder (replaced and modified source code)
  • add HSDPA icon (modified SystemUI.apk)
  • add battery % icon (modified framework-res.apk)
  • add Headset icon (modified framework-res.apk)
  • add Reboot menu (modified framework-res.apk, framework.jar and android.policy.jar from source code)
  • fix USB Mass Storage and USB Tethering (modified vold and services.jar from source code)
  • add "X" boot animation and ringtones from Nexus One Froyo
  • add live wallpaper from Nexus S Gingerbread
  • add the latest Google Apps
  • add other necessary modifications to make it working on HD2
  • remove Japanese and Chinese IMEs (removed OpenWnn.apk and PinyinIME.apk)
  • CWM (ClockworkMod) Recovery for HD2 is integrated. (The NAND partition layout is ready for CWM when installing this ROM via DAF.exe.)
    It's time to learn the native Android installation and Nandroid backup and restore in order to backup and/or update your system easily and safely.

  • Phone
  • 3G/HSDPA (RMNET, fast and stable)
  • Wi-Fi (Support IEEE 802.1x/EAP authentication)
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS is working and don't need to disable GPS setting. (No 60mA battery drain issue.) (Courtesy of Diem)
  • Network Location
  • 720p Video Playback
  • Camera (5MP)
  • Camcorder (800x480)
  • USB Mass Storage (Don't need the 3rd-party app)
  • USB Tethering (Use build-in feature directly or install Wired Tether 1.4.apk.)
  • Feb. 18: LED Notification has been fixed. (Install LED me Know) (Some issues found on Gingerbread.) (Thanks to Macelangelo77 for howto and tracking the issues) (Feb. 23: install the incremental updates)
  • Feb. 23: WiFi Tethering/Hotspot has been fixed. (Use build-in feature directly or install Wireless Tether 2.0.6.apk.) (Feb. 23: install the incremental updates)

Known issues
This build is as good as NexusHD2-Froyo now, but it still has some issues as follows.
  • Disable Audible touch tones in Sound settings to avoid the Robot voice and/or frozen Phone app when dialing.
  • Robot Voice: first call at first boot may have Robot voice, please turn on speaker and then end/hang up this call.
  • Camcorder: you can record on low setting. High setting results in stuttery/choppy video. (reason)
  • Bluetooth: it still has 60mA battery drain issue on standby. (caused by kernel)
  • Feb. 15: Default kernel, tytung_r3_oldcam, has the call quality issue (static sound). If you cannot live with it, please update to tytung_r4_oldcam. (Feb. 23: install the incremental updates)
  • Feb. 18: Blinking keypad has been fixed. make a fake call (e.g. Dial "0") and then end this call to fix it. (Feb. 23: install the incremental updates)

There're two methods to install this ROM.
You only need to choose one of them to finish the installation.
You should have at least MAGLDR 1.11 on device.
  • DFT (DarkForceTeam) Android Flasher Version via USB cable (Run DAF.exe)
    • For installation you need to enter MAGLDR (hold "Power" button during boot) and select "Flasher" via "VolUp" and "VolDown". Confirm key is green "Call" button.
    • Run DAF.exe as Administrator permission on PC to finish the Android installation.
    • You will have a clean installation when using this method.
  • CWM (ClockworkMod) Recovery Version via SD card (Flash
    • Installing the NexusHD2-NAND-Partitioner_and_CWM-1.3 (130MB system space) to make a space-efficient NAND partition layout designed specifically for NexusHD2 series is highly recommended if coming from another ROM. (optional)
    • For installation you need to enter MAGLDR (hold "Power" button during boot) and select "AD Recovery" (in MAGLDR 1.13) or "Boot AD SD" (in MAGLDR 1.11~1.13) to enter CWM Recovery.
    • CWM: backup and restore => Backup you current system first. (optional but recommended)
    • CWM: wipe data/factory reset if coming from another ROM or wanting to have a clean installation. (optional)
    • CWM: install zip from sdcard: locate to finish the Android installation.
Feb. 23: Incremental Updates (recommended for both DFT and CWM installations.)

Feb. 23 - Quick installation guide:

  1. Install NexusHD2-NAND-Partitioner_and_CWM-1.3 (3.8 MB)
  2. Flash (81.43 MB)
  3. Flash (3.42 MB)
  4. Flash for Apps2SD+ (optional) (2.59 MB)
Then your HD2 is up to date.

You should flash stock official Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM.

Click here to Download

  • DFT (DarkForces Team) Android Flasher via USB cable (Run DAF.exe)
    • NexusHD2-Gingerbread_V2.2_NAND_(Android-2.3.2)_(for_MAGLDR-1.11).7z (76.63 MB) (RMNET)
    • NexusHD2-Gingerbread_V2.2_NAND_(Android-2.3.2)_(for_MAGLDR-1.13).7z (76.62 MB) (RMNET)
  • CWM (ClockworkMod) Recovery via SD card (Flash
    • (81.43 MB) (RMNET)

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Thank you.

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