NexusHD2-IceCreamSandwich Alpha 1

Cool [19.Nov.2011][MAG/cLK] (Android 4.0.1)(AOSP ICS ROM for HD2) NexusHD2-IceCreamSandwich Alpha 1

This is a port from Nexus One's AOSP ICS ROM (Thanks texasice).


  • Please use at least 150MB system partition (and at least 2MB cache partition). (New version may need larger system partition.)
  • Full Wipe.
  • Flash the ROM.
    • MAGLDR: Flash, then reboot.
    •   cLK  : Flash and, then reboot.

  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS with AGPS support
  • SMS
  • TouchScreen
  • Vibration
  • Charging
  • Compass
  • BMA150 3-axis Accelerometer
  • AK8973 3-axis Magnetic field sensor
  • AK8973 Orientation sensor
  • CM3602 Proximity sensor
  • CM3602 Light sensor

Not Working:
  • 3G/RMNET (severe connect/disconnect issues) (Not test PPP yet)
  • Audio (No sound for all)
  • USB Mass Storage
  • Camera