NexusHD2-ICS-CM9 v1.0

Cool [9.Jan.2012] NexusHD2-ICS-4.0.3-CM9 V1.0

NexusHD2-ICS-CM9 is my first CM9 Mod ROM built from the source code of the samuaz's git repository. (Big thanks to samuaz.)

  • Include Android 4.0.3 CM9. (All current CM9 works, Enhanced Power Menu, Power Notification Widget, Trebuchet Launcher, T9 Dialer, etc.)
  • Include tytung's ICS kernel v1.
  • Include tytung's ICS ramdisk (initrd.gz).
  • Include the required proprietary binary files and the HD2-specific files from my AOSP GB ROM (i.e. NexusHD2-Gingerbread).
  • Credits: tytung, samuaz, texasice, firesnatch, ankuch, rapmv78, romanbb, the CM and Evervolv teams, etc.
You can find the SD version in the SD thread.


  • Android 4.0.3
  • CM9
    • Enhanced Power Menu w/ Reboot and Screenshot options, etc.
    • Power Notification Widget
    • Trebuchet Launcher
    • T9 Dialer
    • Keep app back button in Developer options
  • Root, busybox, zipalign, init.d scripts, etc.
  • AdFree hosts file
  • HSDPA icon
  • Facebook contact sync
  • Unicode support for SMS/MMS



  • Please use at least 200MB system partition and at least 2MB cache partition.
    • Please refer to ksubedi's HD2 NAND Toolkit and/or mskip's guide.
    • Cache partition (/dev/block/mtdblock4) is only used by CWM.
    • Cache partition size is not important because the data partition (/dev/block/mtdblock5) is used as the cache space when running Android.
    • If your HD2 has bad NAND blocks, you may need larger partitions.
  • Wipe
    • Wipe Data/Factory Reset while doing a fresh install.
    • Advanced -> Wipe Dalvik Cache while upgrading and wanting to retain data.
  • Flash this ROM.
    • MAGLDR: Flash, then reboot.
    •   cLK  : Flash and the cLK kernel, then reboot.

Extra Downloads:

  • Enable/Disable the virtual soft keys (i.e. the on-screen virtual button):
  • (Optional) Increase the internal storage size via any types of A2SD scripts:
    (Flash any of them only when you install too many apps and the internal memory (i.e. data partition) is out of space.)
    (Caution: Don't use any of them if you are not an advanced user. Otherwise you may have low volume, screen lag and other strange issues.

  • About the mobile data connection types: RMNET V.S. PPP.
    • Bootloader MAGLDR supports both RMNET and PPP. I set RMNET as default for MAGLDR ROM because stock Android only supports RMNET.
    • Bootloader cLK only supports PPP.
    • RMNET is more stable than PPP. (Some PPP users have data drop issues.) However PPP may be faster for some users.
    • Flash if you prefer PPP on MAGLDR.
  • Flash Mms app blurry pic fix if required.


  • Phone
  • Audio
  • SMS
  • Data: 3G/HSDPA
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • Touchscreen
  • Vibration
  • Charging
  • All sensors
  • Wired earphone/headphone
  • Data usage
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Software video codecs
  • WiFi signal strength icon
  • USB Mass Storage
  • Camera (Please visit rapmv78's thread for more info.)
  • WiFi Tethering (Native "Portable Wi-Fi hotspot" feature works well. You can also install wireless_tether_2_0_7.apk for more features.)

Not Working:

  • Native USB Tethering
  • VPN