NexusHD2-JellyBean-CM10 V1.4a

Phone [Mar. 17, 2013][ROM][4.1.2][720p] NexusHD2-JellyBean-CM10 V1.4a [NativeSD]

NexusHD2-JellyBean-CM10 is the first stable and fast JellyBean ROM which is built from the CyanogenMod 10 source code and provides complete hardware video encoding/decoding support for HTC HD2.
  • Include Android JellyBean 4.1.2 (JZO54K)
  • Include CyanogenMod 10 (CM10)
    Include htcleo-2.6.32 kernel: tytung_jellybean_r2
  • Include tytung's JellyBean ramdisk (initrd.gz).
  • Include the required proprietary binary files and the HD2-specific files.
  • Credits: tytung, Securecrt, Rick_1995, Xylograph, rapmv78, texasice, marco.palumbi, marc1706, ph03n!x, datagr, the CM and the Evervolv teams, etc.


  • All Android 4.1.2 features
  • All CM10 features
    • Enhanced Power Menu w/ Reboot and Screenshot options, etc.
    • Power Notification Widget
    • Trebuchet Launcher
    • T9 Dialer
    • Keep app back button in Developer options
    • Theme
    • And more
  • All Google Apps including「Google Now」
  • Multi-Languages
  • Root, Superuser, su, busybox, etc.
  • AdFree hosts file
  • Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi (credit: tytung)
  • Hardware Video Decoding (720p Video Playback) (credit: tytung)
  • Hardware Video Encoding (credit: tytung)
  • HWA JB kernel (thanks Securecrt)
  • HWUI deny app and patch (thanks royale1223 and Securecrt)
  • NativeSD (thanks Securecrt and Xylograph)
  • DataOnEXT (thanks ph03n!x)



  • AROMA Installer for three types of installations:
    • NAND
      • system@NAND, data@NAND, boot@NAND
      • For T-Mobile USA HD2 (LEO 1024)
      • Please visit my previous ICS NAND webpage for the installation steps.
    • NAND with DataOnEXT
      • system@NAND, data@EXT4, boot@NAND
      • For EU/International HD2 (LEO 512)
      • Please create a FAT32 primary partition with 32KB cluster size, then an EXT4 primary partition with default cluster size on your SD card.
      • Please visit DataOnEXT thread for more info.
        (I modified DataOnEXT to be able to use with NativeSD at the same time. Share the same data.)
    • NativeSD (SD-EXT)
      • system@EXT4, data@EXT4, boot@FAT32
      • For high speed read/write SD Card only (Class 6 or 10). Otherwise you may get poor performance.
      • Please create a FAT32 primary partition with 32KB cluster size, then an EXT4 primary partition with default cluster size on your SD card.
      • Please visit NativeSD thread for more info.

  • The required system partition size is as follows:
    • Full install 285 MB
    • Minimum Install (i.e. custom install with everything unchecked) 200 MB

  • The minimal partition table when installing this ROM to NAND (Options 1 and 2):
  • If you do a Full Install, you need 285 MB system partition instead of 200 MB below.
    misc ya 1M
    recovery rrecov|ro|nospr 5M cwm_recovery_leo.img
    boot yboot|ro 5M
    system ya 200M
    cache ya 2M
    userdata ya|asize|hr allsize

Extra Downloads:

Working: Everything

  • Full HWA (Hardware Acceleration)
  • Phone
  • Audio
  • SMS
  • Data: 3G/HSDPA
  • Wi-Fi (Support IEEE 802.1x/EAP authentication and Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi.)
  • Bluetooth
  • USB Mass Storage
  • 720p Video Playback (MPEG4 and H.264 up to 720p with hardware video decoding) (Please refer to Android Supported Media Formats for more info.)
  • Camcorder recording (640x480, MPEG4 with hardware video encoding)
  • Camera
  • Panorama
  • VPN
  • WiFi Tethering (Native "Portable Wi-Fi hotspot" feature works well. You can also install WiFi Tether for Root Users 3.x for more features.)

Not Working:

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